Dr.-Ing. Juraj Somorovsky

  • Postdoc - Chair Network and Data Security
Somorovsky, Juraj


Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Lehrstuhl für Netz- und Datensicherheit
Universitätsstraße 150
D-44801 Bochum

ID 2/411
(+49)(0)234 / 32 - 26551
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additional courses


One Bad Apple: Backwards Compatibility Attacks on State-of-the-Art Cryptography

Tibor Jager, Kenneth G. Paterson, Juraj Somorovsky - In Proceedings of the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS), 2013

On the Insecurity of XML Security

Juraj Somorovsky - PhD Thesis Supervisors: Jörg Schwenk, Kenneth G. Paterson

A new Approach towards DoS Penetration Testing on Web Services

Andreas Falkenberg, Christian Mainka, Juraj Somorovsky, Jörg Schwenk - IEEE 20th International Conference on Web Services (IEEE ICWS 2013)

Penetration Test Tool for XML-based Web Services

Christian Mainka, Vladislav Mladenov, Juraj Somorovsky, Jörg Schwenk - International Symposium on Engineering Secure Software and Systems 2013

On Breaking SAML: Be Whoever You Want to Be

Juraj Somorovsky, Andreas Mayer, Jörg Schwenk, Marco Kampmann, Meiko Jensen - In Proceedings of the 21st USENIX Security Symposium, 2012

Penetration Testing Tool for Web Services Security

Christian Mainka, Juraj Somorovsky, Jörg Schwenk - In Proceeding of the IEEE 2012 Services Workshop on Security and Privacy Engineering (SPE2012)

Technical Analysis of Countermeasures against Attack on XML Encryption - or - Just Another Motivation for Authenticated Encryption

Juraj Somorovsky, Jörg Schwenk - In Proceedings of the SERVICES Workshop on Security and Privacy Engineering, 2012

Bleichenbacher’s Attack Strikes Again: Breaking PKCS#1 v1.5 in XML Encryption

Tibor Jager, Sebastian Schinzel, Juraj Somorovsky - In Proceedings of the 17th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS), 2012, Full Version

Sec2: Secure Mobile Solution for Distributed Public Cloud Storages

Juraj Somorovsky, Christopher Meyer, Thang Tran, Mohamad Sbeiti, Jörg Schwenk, Christian Wietfeld - In Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER), 2012

On the E ffectiveness of XML Schema Validation for Countering XML Signature Wrapping Attacks

Meiko Jensen, Christopher Meyer, Juraj Somorovsky, Jörg Schwenk - In IWSSC 2011: First International Workshop on Securing Services on the Cloud, Sept. 2011

All Your Clouds are Belong to us – Security Analysis of Cloud Management Interfaces

Juraj Somorovsky, Mario Heiderich, Meiko Jensen, Jörg Schwenk, Nils Gruschka, Luigi Lo Iacono - In Proceedings of the ACM Cloud Computing Security Workshop (CCSW), 2011.

How To Break XML Encryption

Tibor Jager, Juraj Somorovsky - In Proceedings of the 18th ACM Con­fe­rence on Com­pu­ter and Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons Se­cu­ri­ty (CCS), 2011.

Sec2 – Ein mobiles Nutzer-kontrolliertes Sicherheitskonzept für Cloud-Storage

Christopher Meyer, Juraj Somorovsky, Jörg Schwenk, Benedikt Driessen, Thang Tran, Christian Wietfeld - In Proceedings of the DACH Security 2011, Oldenburg, Germany

Strea­ming-Ba­sed Ve­ri­fi­ca­ti­on of XML Si­gna­tu­res in SOAP Mes­sa­ges

Juraj Somorovsky, Meiko Jensen, Jörg Schwenk - In Pro­cee­dings of the IEEE In­ter­na­tio­nal Work­shop on Web Ser­vice and Busi­ness Pro­cess Se­cu­ri­ty (WSBPS), Miami, Flo­ri­da, U.S.A., 2010.